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Here's a quick 3 FAQs before ya message.

1. If you contacting in regards to modeling, please send over basic information such as : Age, Location,  Ease of access to digital/web camera, Best/quickest means of contact.

2. If you are contacting us just to say hi or give feedback, please just fill out the form and send it on over! We appreciate all criticism, whether positive or negative, and are always open to new and innovative ideas.

3. Most of our models are not doing customs at this time. Because most of the models don't do it for a living and are only doing this in their spare time, its tough for them to take time to make specific videos. Sorry! We'll post an update when this changes in the future.


Thanks so much for all your support!


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Are all of your models over 18?


Will your models be around forever?

Keep in mind that because most of these models are TRUE amateurs, if life takes them away from the site, then that's just how it has to go. Sometimes, if a model goes on vacation/gets super busy with school/gets pregnant/needs time off/has family issues/etc., They won't be posted for a while. That does NOT mean they will never come just depends on the model's availability. This isn't a full time gig, so I try to give them the space they need, and if they decide to do some more content, you'll be the first to know!

Can I contact your models/meet up for live sessions?

As a safety precaution, we don't give out any of my models' information for contact at this time.
That includes phone numbers, addresses, locations, or anything...sorry!

Can I or one of my friends model for the site? will we be paid?

If you're interested in showing off yourself (fully clothed) and your feet, then sure! E-mail us.  And yes, we do pay for submissions!

I am the owner of all the content within this site ( and if you have any questions or would like to let me know if someone has posted something of mine online without my permission, please let me know via the contact form above, thank you!


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