Name : Minx
Shoe Size : 7.5
Are you ticklish? : Yes!

Posted: 07/01/2016 Model: Minx
Description: Couldn't be happier to have Minx back as a regular, and I'm sure you guys can agree! This time her toes are painted light green. She's always been a top notch tease, and she doesn't disappoint as she strips her shoes and socks off to shove her soles in your face once again. Lots of closeups of this beauty and her feet. You don't wanna miss it!
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Posted: 06/04/2016 Model: MINX is back!
Description: Finally after a few years of not having Minx around, she is back with brand new sets and the same perfect feet to drive you guys up the wall once again. She has always been one of my favorites, so I was very to hear from her, as I'm sure you guys will be too. I have another favorite coming back soon, too, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, enjoy Minx's perfect toes.
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Posted: 12/18/2012 Model: Minx
Description: Everytime I go to post this gal's pics, I end up staring for a long while myself. DAMN she's hot. Watch as cute little Minx removes her shoes and socks and shows off her feet. This girl is intense in person...its extremely hard to focus on taking pictures when her feet are in your face, that's for sure! Stare away as she wrinkles up her soft soles for you..and nothing beats those perfect toes of hers. Trust me..this is not a set you wanna miss. Enjoy!
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Posted: 10/08/2012 Model: Minx
Description: This is without a doubt one of the hottest things I've ever gotten to do. The DAY I met Minx, I tied her up, taped her mouth shut, and went to town snapping photos and tickling her feet. Her little shorts said tease on em, and it couldn't be more right. I was going absolutely crazy...Its hard to stay on point sometimes! Not only were this gal's feet absolutely perfect. Her body is stunning. See for yourself. Watch her pose helplessly curling and spreading her toes as I snap photos like a mad man. ;) Enjoy!
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              Posted:  08/15/2012                         Model: Minx        
            Description:  Finally, some more from the lovely Minx, right? :P This time she has fishnets and heels on, and it makes for a lovely combination on this girls SOFT soles. I'm still amazed with just how soft they really are, and you can totally see it in the pics, too. Watch as she teases us and slowly takes off her heels and fishnets to real some of the most perfect feet on this planet. Perfect toes..perfect soles..perfect bod..the girl has it all, don't you agree? You should go stare at her now. ;)            
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Posted: 07/22/2012 Model: Minx
Description: More of one of our newest footpunkz, Minx. This time in tights and her sexy (and revealing) purple top... Watch as she curls and spreads her cute toes in her tights as she leans her legs up on my legs. I was going crazy when her feet would brush up against me..and it was pretty hard to hide it! Don't miss out though. I wanted to make all you tights/hose people happy ;) Enjoy! And stay tuned tomorrow for the video that goes along with this set when I take these off.... don't miss it!
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Posted: 07/02/2012
Model: NEW MODEL - Minx
Description: June was a slowww month, so let's make sure we start things off right this month ;) Let me introduce to you Minx. This girl has...without a doubt, the softest feet I've ever had the pleasure of touching. Holyyyy shit, this girl is amazing. I have never had such a hard time keeping my camera steady. She made ME nervous! Watch as she strips off her shoes and socks and shows those SOFT perfect soles for your enjoyment. Do NOT miss out on this beauty!
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